Our Group Profile

Our Group Profile

We’ve been in the business of helping people for more than 60 years. 24/7, 365 days a year our roadside, travel, emergency medical & home assistance services help people all over the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we’re here to help

You might be a traveller who lost their luggage, or the driver of a vehicle that has broken down. Maybe your garage was flooded, or your roof was damaged in a storm. Perhaps you’ve broken your leg in a ski accident, lost your job, or maybe you’re an elderly person with a chronic illness.

People of all ages and from all walks in life have one thing in common. At some point in their life they will need a helping hand. For every untimely event there is a timely professional response. No matter who you are, where you are and what type of predicament that you find yourself in, you can rely on us to come to your assistance.

We reach far and wide to get the job done

You may well ask, how we could possibly be everywhere at all times and be ready and able to help with so many different types of situations? The answer is quite simple. We are prepared. Our ability to respond begins with our own people. Today we have more than 12,000 people dedicated to the task of making sure that we can deliver on our promises. They’re responsible for Operations Centres spread across 5 continents. They work hand in hand with 180 correspondents and an extensive global network of almost 400,000 quality service providers, ranging from automotive technicians to medical experts, home repairmen to legal advisors and employment and retirement counsellors to social service workers. When the moment that you need help in your life arrives, they will be there waiting for your call.

Global reach with a local touch

To deliver our services, there is no doubt that we must have a global presence. However, every good global network is actually made up of businesses that are still very in touch with their local markets. Being global does not mean that we have become insensitive to local needs and cultural differences. On the contrary, we can only be successful if we continue to appreciate the fact that it is the combination of global reach and a local touch that makes us who we are.