100% commitment to Quality

It is common for a brand to be built on an image, or a perception. Two virtually identical products may not enjoy the same success and the only real difference is often the brand. In our business we are more concerned about reality rather than perception. When a customer is in trouble, they don’t need the perception of help, they need the real thing.

The only way that we survive as a business is to make sure that we are capable of keeping the promises that we make. Whether you are an individual customer or a large corporation which has entrusted us with the care their customers, everyone has expectations. Around the world, the teams of people working in the Allianz Assistance Operations Centres face the challenge of living up to those expectations every day. In their daily lives, there is nothing more important than quality.

The building blocks of quality relations

We have in excess of 12,000 employees spread across the world, but this is just one part of the picture. Being able to come to the aid of customers anywhere at any time requires an extensive global network. Apart from our own offices in more than 30 countries, we have correspondents right around the world and a network of close to 400,000 service providers. These are the resources that are at the disposal of our customers on a 24 hour basis.

To be sure that our customers get the help and care that they need, we must be very particular about selecting the service providers to be included in our network. We enforce strict selection criteria and remaining a part of the network requires demonstrating a track record of providing service of a consistently high standard. Many of our service providers have worked with us for 20 years or more. They are relationships born of many years of mutual trust, understanding and loyalty – the building blocks of our service.

A good service will not necessarily continue to be a good service if it does not move with the times. Service quality must be continually assessed and measured. The service must evolve with customer expectations if it is to continue to be appreciated and valuable.

Keep in touch

We genuinely care about your feedback and suggestions. Your comments provide us with an opportunity for us to understand what you think and to improve our service quality.

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