We’ve been part of the Allianz Group for more many years, but up until 2012 we went by the name of Mondial Assistance. We have since changed our name to Allianz Global Assistance, but in every other way we are the same company. Our services are all about helping people. You we see us assisting stranded motorists, coming to the aid of travellers who find themselves in difficulties, or lending a hand with a household emergency.

Frequently the end customers are customers of our business partners. In these relationships, we are trusted by our partners to both help their customers and to represent their brand. We do not take this responsibility lightly and treat every request for assistance as an opportunity to demonstrate that we are worthy of that trust.

We have been providing Roadside Assistance Services in Thailand since 2000. Initially we focused heavily on developing a service fleet and network which could deliver professional roadside assistance services throughout the country. At that time, there was no nationwide service in existence and people had to try to find help locally whenever there was a breakdown. Today we have more than a million customer vehicles registered with us.

Over time we have expanded our business into several different areas. In the travel sector we are providing travel insurance services. In the automotive area we have expanded our services to include extended & used car warranties, as well as customer relationship management services for some of our business partners. We also provide extended warranties on electrical appliances and our most recent initiative involves managing employee healthcare programs.

The backbone of our service is our 24hr Assistance Centre, which is located in Bangkok. It is here where we respond to calls from customers and arrange the help they need. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they could use a helping hand. Our job is to be there for you when that moment arrives.