About Us

About Us


Once upon a time we were small, but over the years we have grown into a much larger company. Many things have changed, but the satisfaction that we get from helping people is still what unites us. We have a team like-minded people, who possess very different talents, but share the passion for helping others.

Our brand and values

If you talk to people who have used our services you will get a sense of who we are. If you use our services directly, or work with us as a way of looking after your customers, you will soon see that we are serious about delivering on our promises.


Every company claims to be serious about quality, but in reality not all of them are. We prefer to let our customers be the judge. We are responsible for helping people in all types of situations. Quality is always important and can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

Our history

In 1950 in Switzerland, when people began traveling more, a team of forward thinking business pioneers created ELVIA Travel Insurance. That marked the beginning of our journey.

Twenty-four years later in 1974, SACNAS-Allianz Global Assistance...