Extended warranty

Extended warranty

When you buy a consumer product you generally have the expectation that you will get several years use from it. However, it is still quite common for manufacturer to offer only a standard one year warranty, leaving you without cover against any electrical or mechanical breakdown beyond that first year.

To provide consumers with some additional protection, Allianz Global Assistance provides extended warranty services for electrical (brown & white) consumer goods.

What is Extended Warranty?

Extended warranty means you will enjoy warranty on the goods that you purchased for an additional period after the expiry of manufacturer’s standard warranty. The warranty can be purchased within one month from the date the customer purchases an electronic product. One and two year extended warranties are available.

The manufacturer remains responsible for any repair or replacement costs in case of material defect or component malfunctions during the standard warranty period. The extended warranty covers repair or replacement costs during the extended warranty period.

As part of the warranty, Allianz Global Assistance also manages the repair or replacement service. For small electronic items, the customer can drop off the defective product to the nearest authorised Service Centre for repair / replacement. For larger items (typically weighing over 10 kg), we will send a trained technician to the customer’s home for on the spot repairs. If on the spot repair is not possible, we will be responsible for transporting the product to our Service Centre for repair / replacement. We also manage the return of the repaired item or replacement goods to the customer’s home.