CRM Services

CRM Services

Our Contact Centre, Your Voice

Our Contact Centre, Your Voice

Call Centre services can be one of the most costly components to set up for a business. Investment in both human and technological capital can be substantial, and ongoing quality management is a must.

Allianz Global Assistance has developed Contact Centre software, called CReaM, which has been designed very much with the user in mind. Development of the software was a collaboration between Operational, Marketing and IT people, and the outcome is a very user friendly, practical tool for managing all types of interaction with customers.

The application has been designed to steer Contact Centre agents through each process, providing all the necessary information in a format that helps them to work effectively.

This is an extremely important point, as the people who develop CRM strategies are not the people who deal directly with customers. The task of direct customer contact is usually in the hands of younger, less experienced people, so providing them with a common sense, hi-tech, but practical tool will greatly improve their chances of success.

CReaM is capable of handling various types of inbound and outbound contacts, plus has modules to handle Prospect Management, Complaint Management and Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSI).

For customers who use Allianz Global Assistance to provide their Contact Centre services, CReaM is provided for use free of charge (i.e. no licensing costs). It is also available for purchase for those who already have Contact centre resources in place but are looking to upgrade their CRM software.

Our view of Customer Relationship Management is that it involves two very distinct parts. The first is the process of developing a strategy of how you will manage interaction with your existing and potential customers. The second part is the execution of this strategy.

It is the combination of the CReaM software and Allianz Global Assistance’s expertise in the Contact Centre area that makes Allianz Global Assistance a good choice as a Contact Centre to execute your CRM strategy.

A good business strategy is an imperative, but without the means to skillfully execute it, the strategy is worthless. Why not Allianz Global Assistance turn it into something priceless?