Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

When we think about travel insurance, our first thought is about the protection that it provides to travellers, but apart from helping your customers when they get into difficulties, it can also benefit your business in other ways.

Of course you hope that your customers enjoy incident free travel, but the reality is that on occasions things don’t go according to plan.

If a medical emergency should arise, the well-being of your customer is at stake. Those who have travel insurance can feel confident that they will receive an appropriate level of medical attention and will be covered financially. Those who don’t are exposed to the risk of not getting the treatment that they need. They also face the prospect of having to pay a large medical bill.

Recommending that your customers buy travel insurance is the responsible thing to do. It is relatively inexpensive, but provides vital protection. Should something go wrong on a trip, your customers will be grateful that you gave them good advice.

Apart from using travel insurance as a way of taking care of your customers, it can also help your business financially. We provide training to help you become familiar with the products. You will receive commission on sales, which can have a healthy effect on your bottom line.

We work with a variety of partners in the travel industry including travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, education agencies, etc. Perhaps we can help you too.