Appliance Protection

Appliance Protection

When we’re not working, we’re also consumers and we know that whenever we buy an appliance, we want and expect it to be durable. We also want be protected against financial loss if the appliance fails. Our Appliance Protection business is aimed at meeting this customer expectation.

It is quite common for manufacturer warranties to be relatively short. A one-year warranty is normal on many electrical appliances. Customers buy appliances expecting them to have a reasonably long life time and are sometimes disappointed when an appliance fails to meet this expectation.

We currently offer an Appliance Protection product which provides an additional period of cover after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The product can either be provided on an inclusive basis, meaning that it is automatically included in the product price, or can be purchased by the customer on an optional basis. The warranty is most commonly extended by one or two years.

We currently work with a number of different partners to offer the Appliance Protection product. Manufacturers who want to extend the warranty period, but prefer not to absorb the cost of doing so. Retailers, who are keen to meet customer expectations of a longer warranty cover. Telecommunications companies, who want to cover the mobile phone devices that they sell for an extended period….etc.

Apart from covering the cost of repairs or replacement, we are actively involved in managing the claims process. For large items (above 10kg), we typically send a Technician to assess the appliance to see if it can be repaired at the customer’s home. More serious repairs may require that the appliance be taken to a repair shop to be fixed.

For portable items, the customer is given a choice of drop-off points where they can deliver the defective product. We take responsibility for getting the items repaired and returned to the customer.